Happy Passover Michelle

Wishing you a Happy Passover.
Days like today remind me of what I risked and now pay the ultimate for.
I want to believe you can recall how much this holiday meant to me and how much I enjoyed being a part of your family’s Seder and later the family we built.
I only hope one day you can forgive me enough to give it a chance.
A Zissen Pesach Michelle. Peace.Michelle Gersh

The Best of Me

Michelle GershIf everything happens, happens for a reason I believe that life will bring me back to you Michelle.

I have known you for 36 years now but who’s counting. I miss you so much it hurts Michelle. There was so much more I wanted to to do with you Michelle, I just feel we have so much more we wanted to accomplish together.

I lost you once, I promise I will not ever risk losing you again. Not ever give you the reason to leave again.

Shelly, there is nothing more enduring than the love of a lifetime. You once told me I was your first love Shelly.

That has to mean so very much but never as much as your last love. Let’s make our life count Michelle.

All of me loves all of you and I miss you so much. You made me want to be different; to better than I could ever be. You were the very best of me.

I have read the famous John Lennon saying “Life is just what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”  but the only person I want to have a plan with is you Shelly.

Michelle, close your eyes and give me a chance. Life is not the breath you take that gets me through the day, it is the moments spent with you that gave me the breath to live.

Michelle GershFast forward to 1990, 1992 and 1996 and you gave me what everyone could ever dream about……….. what it’s al about. Shelly, you were the best of me.Michelle Gersh

Just like when Alana was born and how she took our breath away, our beautiful daughter……….. yes indeed, the best of me.

Shelly, take that leap of faith with me…..PS.

Always There For Me


Someday, When my life has passed me by ,I lay around and wonder why ,You were always there for me.Michelle Gersh

As I play over so many parts of my life it all circles back to you Michelle. Holiday times are always the saddest, NOT because there is not something to do but that is only who I want to be with.

I feel you are so far away from me, not in distance but in your heart.

Shelly, better things always came our way.

You were truly there for me every step of the way until you felt that your were just giving and giving and getting so little in return.

You might say you tried too long.

Together we had it all and once I righted my path we were on our way, or could have been.

Shelly, I look to you for another try…………….. one last try. I look back at the decision we made to be with each other and build a family and a home together.  I appreciate you oh so very much and want to prove to you that we made all the right decisions in life. My detour has been righted and all that is missing is you. You were always so perfect and I can say I have grown up.  Maybe we’ve all grown up a little bit as people.  We were always each others best friends, there for each other. Please give me your hand and you will see we’ll keep time together……. you’ll see.

Find The Joy In Life

I came alive when I met you and when you married me you created all the joy in my life.

Every minute of every day with you was complete joy, no matter what you might think.

I loved you and I miss you so.Michelle Gersh

We saw the world and we tackled the world together.

The best moments of my life were with you.

In many ways you saved my life and your probably knew that before I did.

Shelly, I do also believe we brought plenty of joy to each others lives.

I love you so very much Michelle Gersh.

I have no idea what life will bring me and I will try my hardest to win your attention and hopefully win your heart my love.



There Is No Where Else I’d Rather Be

It was the kind of love that lasts forever. Sadly, forever became a lot shorter.

It was the kind of love that lasts forever. Sadly, forever became a lot shorter.

How can it be, you are always on my mind and at moments in our life when we were apart , even for an evening, I missed you even more.

Forever on my mind, and forever in love with you.

You made me feel alive every day we were together, from the day you came into my life until it was over for you.

It was so much more than a word, or a moment, it was a dream come true.

I knew it was right from the very first moment and even today there is no where else I would rather be than with you holding and hugging you.

What Means The Most

What did Michelle mean to me ?

I was never able to relax in my life until I met you.

You Mean More To Me Than Words Could Ever Say
You Mean More To Me Than Words Could Ever Say

To put in a word everything.

A reason to wake up in the morning.

A reason to hurry home from work.

A reason to free up time to have a phone call.

She takes the moment when I am feeling very sad and spins it all around with just a smile.

She was the reason I put my heart and soul into our life.

She was always the person to turn to when fair weather friends cop out.

She is the inspiration to turn things around.


A Lifetime With Michelle

Thoughts & Reflections Of Michelle Soumas

You Mean More To Me Than Words Can Ever Say

We met in August of 1979.

She was my gift from god.

It was supposed to last forever.

We reunited in August of 1985.

We got engaged in November of 1985.

We married January 31, 1987.

Michael was born, April 14, 1990.

Alana was born  July 8, 1992.

We built our 1st business January 1993.

We bought our home April 10, 1996.

Jordan was born May 28, 1996.


The wheels fell off and I could not fix it.

I will love you forever and will live with the regret of losing something so important to me that I cannot function ever a day, an hour, even a minute, without a tear.